General hospital with maternity ward 'Gea' was founded in 2016. The hospital is located in purpose - built building, in a quiet part of Novi Sad on an area of about 2,000 m2. The accommodation capacity of the facility is 64 hospital beds with adequate facilities and accompanying clinics.

          We began our work as a gynecology and obstetrics office 30 years ago and continued as a hospital with a maternity hospital, offering diagnostics and therapeutic treatments in the field of gynecology and obstetrics with a team of leading experts such as prof. dr Vule Višnjevac, dr Dubravka Miljojković, dr Zoran Šuvaković, dr Nemanja Višnjevac, dr Bojan Karadeglija, dr Siniša Kurucin.

          We place special emphasis on gynecology and obstetrics and importance of the reproductive health of women and pregnant women. Keeping in mind the patients’ needs for specialist services and the possibilities of a dedicated facility to women’s health, we decided to open the first private maternity hospital in Vojvodina. The maternity hospital is designed with intimate apartments (wardrobes, central air conditioning, TV, wireless network, bathroom) for accommodation and stay of pregnant women, mothers and newborns, and separate and discreet delivery rooms, and operating rooms for Caesarean sections. In addition to gynaecologists and anaesthesiologists (dr Nada Anđelić, dr Noemi Holo-Gilvesi, dr Kristina Šuvaković, dr Natasa Nestorov), neonatologists and pediatricians (dr Ivanov Gordana, dr Dušanka Mitrović, dr Milena Dovijarski), nurses in the relevant fields available to patients.

          In order to provide our patients with a more complete health service, we have expanded to other fields of medicine: radiology (dr Bojana Bokorov), endocrinology (dr Radoslav Pejin), orthopedics (dr Vaso Kecojević), and vascular surgery (dr Vladimir Marković). In the near future, and again to the satisfaction and benefit of our patients, we are planning to expand our specialist medical services. 

          In addition to the maternity ward, a fully equipped surgical unit with operating rooms and intensive care has been built, and we are able to provide our patients with the service of endoscopic (laparoscopic) operations and interventions. 

         We have also partnered with Blue Tree Clinic, an internationally recognized hospital from the United Arab Emirates, who support us in the form of continuing education, exchange and training of medical staff and continuing medical education.