Neonatology is a subspeciality of pediatrics.

A neonatologist is a pediatric specialist that treats newborns from birth for the first month of their lives.

The neonatologist performs the first examination of the newborn and assesses the general health condition of the child after birth.

The neonatologist also advises mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding, the vaccines needed for the baby to receive while still in the maternity ward, care of the newborn, the possibility of cramps and their relief, as well as all the next steps to take beforethe first check-up with a pediatrician.

In our hospital you have access to specialist that take care of newborn babies with attention and dedication.


Sometimes a baby is born with certain health problems or has them after birth, especially if it is born prematurely. This may require special attention and certain specialist diagnostics and further treatment.

If a child is born prematurely or with an existing health condition they may be in a high-risk category that may require intensive supervision and treatment, in order for complications or health issues to be remedied.,

This may involve a special diet plan, continuous monitoring of physical growth and development, psychomotor development, vision, hearing and speech, general health, prevention and treatment of acute symptoms, and the continued treatment of chronic diseases.

These complex issue require a multidisciplinary approach and well-led teamwork of doctors of various specialties.


In our hospital, there is a specialized clinic for monitoring at-risk newborns run by Prim Dr Sc. med. Branka Kovačević is a specialist in pediatrics, a subspecialist in neonatology with many years of experience in this branch of medicine.