Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with disease prevention and treatment from the period of infancy into young adulthood.

Care for the youngest, during the first year of life, is conducted through regular systematic examinations (monitoring of body parameters  – body height, body weight, head circumference)а главе), ultrasound examination of the hips, neurological examination (tone and reflexes of the child, psychomotor development).

Regular vaccination is necessary in order to prevent the disease and forms the basis for good health.

The importance of regular systematic examinations is reflected in the early disease detection.

During the regular examination, doubts are also removed if the parent has them regarding adequate nutrition, prevention of infections, or other developmental issues.

Also, within the general pediatrics, the treatment of sick children is also carried out.

Our hospital employs various pediatric subspecialists who are available to our youngest patients.

During the weekend, the pediatric service of the Gea General Hospital with the maternity ward is open 24 hours a day, from Friday 18.00 to Monday 06.00.

Our team of doctors in this area of expertise are:

dr Jadranka Crnomarković Lunić pediatrician,

dr Borislav Simeunović pediatrician

dr Jugoslava Gunjić pediatrician,,

dr Snježana Ilić pediatrician – pulmonologist 

dr Đurđevka Tenjović pediatrician - pulmonologist,

dr Slavica Dautović pediatrician  endocrinologist

прим. др Лили Dzhilvidzhieva otorhinolaryngologist,,

prof. dr Jovan Lovrenski pediatric radiologist,,

др Игор Мељников дечји неурохирург,

dr Branka Radojčić pediatric surgeon

dr Momčilo Mijović pediatric orthopedist,

dr Dejan Panic pediatrician  neonatologist

dr Ivan Hrabovski pediatrician  neonatologist,

dr Olivera Vulićević Smiljanić pediatrician  neonatologist

dr Radica Savić pediatrician - geneticist

dr sc. med. Brana Radišić pediatrician – hematologist.