Anesthesiology with resuscitation

Anesthesiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the elimination of pain.

The job of an anesthesiologist is very important because the efficiency of an operation, in addition to the surgeon, is considerably influenced by a high level of cooperation between the patient and the anesthesiologist.

Prior to a surgical procedure, an anesthesiologist informs the patient about the anasthetic procedures in a way that prioritizes the patients safety. The patient is obliged to say which medications he is taking in his therapy, allergy to drugs and food, so that the anesthesiologist can safely choose the selected drugs during the anesthesia of the patient.

For use of anestesia we defferintiete inhalation anesthetics and intravenous anesthetics.

Thanks to anesthesia, the patient sleeps (if it is total anesthesia), and does not feel pain, while if it is local and with regional anesthesia, only the part that is being treated is insensitive.
Anesthesiologists participate not only in surgical interventions but also in performing endoscopic diagnostics, such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy, catheterization, and other interventions.

Resuscitation is one of the most important aspects of the work of an anesthesiologist. In resuscitation, intensive measures are applied in life-threatening patients, such as cardiac arrest.

In general hospital Gea with maternity ward we have a leading team of experts that are available for our patients.

Our team of specialist are:

Miodrag Ilić, PhD special anesthesiologist with resuscitation,

Dejan Dimitrijević, PhD in anesthesiology,

Branislav Macut, PhD in anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care,

Aleksandar Ćirić, PhD in anesthesiology,

Nada Andjelić, PhD special anesthesiologist with resuscitation,

Kristina Šuvaković, PhD in anesthesiology with resuscitation,

Nataša Nestorov, PhD in anesthesiology with resuscitation,

Jasmina Pejaković, PhD in anesthesiology with resuscitation,

Naomi Gilvesi Holo, PhD in anesthesiology with resuscitation.