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General hospital with maternity ward “GEA” was founded in 2016. The hospital is located in a purpose-built newly built building in a quiet part of Novi Sad on an area of about 2000 m2. We started our work as a gynecological practice, providing diagnostics and therapeutic accommodation in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, and later with the expansion of capacity, we successfully treat our patients in the fields of gynecology, neonatology, pediatrics, urology, internal medicine and cardiology.

The hospital is equipped with modern technology and you can be sure that there is no waiting. Patients are cared for by our top team of experts, specially selected doctors. Gea General Hospital with Maternity Hospital complies with all regulations of the Ministry of Health, and our staff in charge of hospital hygiene perform their work at the highest level, keeping the hospital sterile and clean.

Each woman in labor stays in a single room, which has her own bathroom. The rooms are of soft colors and there are colorful details on the walls that stimulate the baby’s senses. GEA allows you to recover in peace, in clean and safe rooms, in the first days after childbirth. Our professional staff of pediatric nurses provides you with help and support in breastfeeding, as well as expressing milk and training in proper breastfeeding.

We believe that the presence and support of the father is valid at the moment of your baby’s arrival in the world, so we have made this possible. As the first private hospital with a maternity ward, we are proud to be able to help expectant mothers during childbirth, make the entire process easier for them and provide all the care and support they deserve.

In order to provide our patients with a more complete health service, we expanded to other areas of medicine: radiology, surgery,plastic surgery and pediatrics. We are still trying, and in the near future, and again for our satisfaction and the benefit of our patients, the plan is to expand medical services from other specialties of medicine. You can visit us during business hours, meet our team and tour the space and make sure that our hospital is the right place for you!

Beautifying the body and achieving the desired appearance can greatly affect the quality of life and self-confidence. That is why it is important to entrust yourself to a surgeon who is conscientious and rational in evaluating his possibilities to propose the most optimal solution for aesthetic correction to the patient. You are undergoing a treatment after which you will leave our hospital satisfied, so call us and schedule your treatment or visit us at the address.


a team of doctors

Dr Nemanja Visnjevac

Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Dr Dubravka Miljojkovic

Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Dr Biljana Musulin Janjic

Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Dr Sinisa Kurucin

Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics