Gynecology belongs to the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of female reproductive organs.

Preventive gynecological examinations are recommended to be conducted at least once a year. The examination consists of taking the patient's anamnesis, physical examination, taking swabs, as well as ultrasound examination that lasts about 30 minutes. This should be an extremely important element in the life of every woman, so that diseases can be detected and treated at an earlier stage, such as malignant diseases of the ovaries and uterus. With early detection, treatment programs are shorter with a better prognosis for recovery.

The gynecology department are leading a team of experts that take care of patients from the beginning of their pregnancy until the birth of the. child. Also in our hospital you can do complete gynecological examination and tests, larger and smaller interventions, as well as surgical procedures.

We pay special attention to mothers who give birth in our hospital with a personal gynecologist, neonatologist, anesthesiologist and gynecological and obstetric nurses.

Наш тим у овој области чине: 

Prim. dr sci. med. Slobodana Mihaldžić gynecologist - obstetrician,,

др Немања Вишњевац,спец. гинекологије и акушерства,

dr Dubravka Miljojkovic, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics,,

dr Bojan Karadeglija spec. gynecology and obstetrics,

Prof. dr sci. med. Đorđe Petrović gynecologist-obstetrician,,

др Зоран Шуваковић  гинеколог-акушер,

dr Vladimir Kljajević spec. gynecology and obstetrics.