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About surgery

Surgery is a branch of medicine that treats diseases through surgery. Due to numerous complications that may arise during the operation. A surgeon must have extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and biochemistry.

Gea General Hospital and Maternity Hospital has a serious number of expert and highly qualified surgeons in its team who are available to patients. We provide our patients with operations in all areas of surgery, both for adults and children. Also, within the hospital, it is possible to carry out not only intervention in the classical way, but also in the laparoscopic way.

In addition to the well-equipped operating rooms, the surgical department of the general hospital with the Gea maternity ward also has intensive care rooms where patients are accommodated after operations, as well as hospital rooms that are equipped with their own bathroom, television and air conditioning, so that patients feel comfortable in it. . Patients are provided with 24-hour professional care.

Our team in this area consists of:

Dr Branka Radojcic

doctor specializing in children and general surgery

Dr Milan Ilic

doctor specialist in general surgery

Dr Radovan Veljkovic

doctor specialist in general surgery

Dr. Sci.Med Milan Korica

specialist in general surgery

Dr Bojan Pejakovic

doctor, dentist, specialist in maxillofacial surgery